Cypress Junk Hauling Company came about as a way to help anyone who had an excessive amount of junk to get rid of, get rid of it all within one visit. We invested in several moving trucks over a decade ago and have been effective at helping those in and around Cypress to effectively get rid of their junk. Even though they may not consider it junk, as long as they no longer want or need it, we are happy to haul it away for them. Regardless of how much junk has to be removed from your property, we are happy to assume the responsibility of removing it, as we have enough manpower to perform the work.

Our vehicles are serviced daily to ensure that they are ready and available to assist with our efforts to remove the things that our customers no longer want. We are bonded, licensed, and insured. As experienced movers, we know how to safely and effectively remove the junk, rubbish, or debris from your property. With our level of experience, we are also fully aware of what is required to properly dispose of the items that you no longer want or need, such as appliances, carpeting, and furniture. You are sure to benefit from our services, as we will act quickly to aid you in removing the things that you would like for us to remove for you. We have the necessary tools and equipment that are needed to effectively handle your junk hauling needs.



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